What is filler and how is it used?

A filler treatment is a volume-generating injection based on hyaluronic acid. With filler, we can build up lost volume (due to aging), sculpt parts of the face, smooth out wrinkles, enlarge lips and rejuvenate skin.


Age 18+

We only perform treatments on individuals aged 18 and above


30 min including consultation time


Our numbing cream helps alleviate any pain

Customized Technique

We tailor the treatment according to your needs

Age 18+

We only perform treatments on individuals aged 18 and above


30 min including consultation time


Our numbing cream helps alleviate any pain

Customized Technique

We tailor the treatment according to your needs

Commonly asked questions about filler:

What does our filler consist of and what is hyaluronic acid?

Fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is a water-binding sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the body. It is hyaluronic acid and collagen that maintain the skin's layers and structure, as well as helping to provide the skin with volume and moisture. With age, the body’s natural hyaluronic acid reduces and the skin becomes more prone to sagging and wrinkles.

Why should you choose temporary hyaluronic acid based fillers instead of a permanent solution?

As the face ages, its structures change over time. Subcutaneous fat, skeletal structure, muscles and skin undergo changes resulting in reduced volume in the face and elasticity of the skin. The use of permanent fillers or implants poses greater risks for permanent complications over time in the form of unevenness due to changes in the body's tissues due to age.

Permanent fillers and implants can move in conjunction with aging and may sink down to other unwanted parts of the face. Results that look good today with permanent filler or implants can therefore give the opposite effect in 10 years. Permanent filler and implants are difficult to alter if you change your mind.

At ShapeBy, we recommend that you only choose non-permanent solutions such as hyaluronic acid-based filler.

When do you see results?

Results are seen immediately and after about two to three days, any swelling that has occurred should disappear.

Can you get bruises?

The face has a lot of blood vessels, which means bruising and swelling can easily occur when undergoing facial treatments. Some transient swelling and bruising may occur around the treated area, which usually disappears within one week.

Can you go to work immediately after the treatment?

Yes, you will usually be able to return to work and proceed with regular activities after a filler treatment. You may have mild soreness and redness after treatment but it usually resolves within a day. Some people experience swelling after a treatment and this swelling may last for a few days. Some people also get bruises that may need to be covered up using makeup over the next few days.

Can you do filler treatments when you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, filler treatments should not be performed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

How long after breastfeeding do you need to wait before doing a treatment?

At least 2 months.

Can you do filler treatments if you are ill or have herpes/mouth ulcers?

You should not have an infection or fever when undergoing a treatment. You should also not have a wound near the injection site or a herpes outbreak that is ongoing in the body or the injection area.

Can you smoke after the treatment??

You should not smoke for at least four hours after treatment.

What is the difference between filler brands?

There are several brands of filler on the market. The difference between the preparations is usually how the manufacturer has produced the product, how the molecules are linked, and how much the molecules have been refined. It is the manufacturers' methods that determine how the filler works. What defines them is how much water they absorb, how quickly they break down, and how well they retain their shape. This means that there is a difference between fillers from different manufacturers, and between an individual manufacturer's different products. We have carefully selected the best products in the market to work with: Stylage, Juvederm and Teosyal. There is no brand between these three that is better or worse than the other. The brand of filler we choose to treat you with depends on the area to be treated and your conditions.

All the filler brands we use contain hyaluronic acid. It is the most common substance used in fillers since it began being used in the 90's. These are not permanent fillers, but are gradually broken down by the body.

Can you mix or combine different filler brands?

We often combine different fillers of different densities (thicknesses), depending on the area to be treated. You can combine different filler brands in different regions of the face. In theory, you can also mix different hyaluronic acid-based filler in, for example, the lips, but this should be avoided if not enough time has passed since the previous treatment. You should consult with our provider beforehand if you have been treated with another filler brand in the past. If you have old filler from a previous treatment of a different brand in your lips, you should wait a few months before filling another time.

Do filler treatments hurt?

The level of pain experienced differs for each individual. Before your treatment, we will put on numbing cream (lidocaine with tetrakain) to minimize pain. Some of our fillers also contain anesthetics in the syringe itself to numb the pain as we inject.

Do you get anesthetic before the treatment?

Yes, we have an anesthesia that contains lidocaine, similar to what you receive at the dentist.

How long does filler last?

The duration of the filler depends on the area being treated and one's own metabolism and lifestyle. Filler injected into each treatment area in the face will have their own individual duration. This depends on the tissue under the skin as well as the activity of the treatment area. Normally, most treatments last between four to twelve months.

Will you regain your original facial structure if you discontinue treatments?

Yes, filler treatments are not permanent. Eventually, the body returns to its original shape.

Can filler be removed?

Hyaluronic acid-based filler can be broken down by injecting an enzyme called Hyalase. After treatment with Hyalase, the filler breaks down within 24 hours and the appearance is reset immediately.

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