Welcome to ShapeBy

A Magic Wand for Your Skin
23 April, 2019

At ShapeBy, we are world-leading experts in facial injectable treatments and advanced medical skincare. We were founded by Dr. Neha and have since followed her vision to disrupt the aesthetic medicine industry. Together, we are on a mission to make aesthetic medicine safe, natural, fulfilling and socially acceptable.

With an emphasis on medical expertise and a unique eye for art, we have become renowned not only at home in Sweden, but also internationally. Today, we are happy to welcome patients from all over the world including New York, Dubai, Mumbai, Australia and Malaysia. We perform injectable treatments of every variety, but have become best known for our natural lip enhancements. We use our own unique lip enhancement technique that was developed and perfected by Dr. Neha over years of experience. We don’t simply inject filler to boost the volume of the lips, but instead focus more on the shape of the lips – injecting with precise techniques to re-shape the lips and correct any asymmetry (which also explains the meaning behind our name, ShapeBy!)

We are excited to be growing very quickly, and today the ShapeBy family includes 9 team members (also called Shapers). During your visit, you may run into one or more Shapers, but no matter which one of us you encounter, we all share the same vision – that as a patient, you have the right to medical expertise, that you should feel safe and receive top-notch service.

As a ShapeBy patient, you may be treated by the following artists:

Dr. Neha was previously working within Karolinska's ear nose and throat department. With many years of experience performing aesthetic injectable treatments, Dr. Neha is currently exclusively focused on performing advanced treatments such as our popular Face Refinement treatment. During this treatment, she works to treat the face as a whole (instead of a single facial feature) to either rejuvenate or sculpt the face, depending on the patient's needs.

RN Oliver is a registered nurse and ShapeBy’s lip expert. He performs all of our lip and Botox treatments. Oliver focuses on the classic filler treatments, treating individual features to enhance the face as a whole. He has an artist’s eye for detail and performs treatments with meticulous precision.

Veronica is our skin therapist. She has 16+ years of experience as a practicing skin therapist and has worked 8+ years at Akademikliniken. Veronica offers her patients the most tailored and results-oriented medical skin care treatments on the Swedish market.

In this blog, we will share our expertise regarding injectable treatments, medical skin care, beauty, and wellness. You will find our best tips and tricks to help you stay as young, alert, fresh and happy as possible!

P.S. the models above are our very own ShapeBy patients. Aren’t they gorgeous?